Arc diagram

An arc diagram is a special kind of network graph. It is constituted by nodes that represent entities and by links that show relationships between entities. In arc diagrams, nodes are displayed along a single axis and links are represented with arcs

A note on input data format

Building an arc diagram requires information on nodes and links. This information can be stored in many different format as described here. Json format is the most convenient way to work with d3.js and looks basically like that:

{ "nodes": [
  { "id": 1, "name": "A" },
  { "id": 2, "name": "B" }
"links": [
  { "source": 1, "target": 2 }

It is unlikely that your data are currently at this format. You probably need to reformat your data first using another tool like R. The following document gives a few example on how to reformat the most common types of input to get a json file.

Reformat your data to Json

Step by step

The following most basic arc diagram will guide you through the core steps of this chart. Next charts show how to turn it vertical and how to highlight links on hover.


Here is an arc diagram showing the relationships between researchers. One node is drawn for each researcher having published at least one paper with my previous supervisor, Vincent Ranwez. Two researchers are linked if they co-authored at least one paper together. Read more about this dataset here.

Hover nodes for more info

See code

Selection of blocks

A few blocks with more complicated codes to showcase what's possible to do with arc diagram.

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